Cl-50 glass cleaner 250 ml

CL 50 is a glass cleaner and bonding activator for Nanotechnology glass coatings with colloidal, sub micron abrasives.
CL 50 is the first glass cleaner that uses colloidal, sub micron natural abrasive to remove surface contamination, from substrates like glass and sanitary ceramic. CL 50 is using a technology from the semi conductor manufacturing to provide an extremely deep clean down to the micro structured surface details of a substrates. You can hear how clean your glass becomes. 
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CL 50 is using a technology from the semi conductor manufacturing to provide an extremely deep clean down to the micro structured surface details of a substrates. With the same easy application, CL 50 activates the bonding abilities of the glass substrates to the Nano-coatings and significantly increases the number of molecular bonding points. The thorough clean deep clean, makes it the recommended surface preparation for Nanotechnology treatments like NG 1010.

CL 50 removes slight mineral deposits and silicone and wax from glass surfaces. The micron size particles have shown a high removal rate of mineral deposits. The low level of chemicals and the use of mostly plant extracts, give the CL 50 a outstanding sustainable rating.

More than 99 % of the chemicals used, are from renewable sources and bio-based materials. The abrasives  itself are widely used in many food additives, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

CL-50 does not contain Nano-particles.

250 ml for up to 100 m2 of glass. 

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